Monday, June 6, 2011

Famous Designer you've all been waiting for IS...???

Ok so I've totally delayed the exciting news about my FINAL giveaway from way back when it was my birthday month! As you all know I am currently in Turkey and things have been so interesting and different for me I had gotten carried away with what needs to be done. So finally I am here to say that the TIME HAS COME!!!

The Amazingly Talented Designer that was kind enough to share one of her exclusive hijab designs with my Viewers is..........Rabia Z! She has been featured on runways around the world and I found out about her amazing collections when she came down to Miami in 2010. If you have yet to see her work make sure to check out her Website and Face Book Fan Page!

Ok so since I haven't been able to make a video for the GiveAWAY just yet....I decided to give my FaceBook, Twitter and Blog viewers a head start!  The winner of the giveaway will recieve this GORGEOUS Rabia Z Signature Gathered-Top Sheyla in Light Grey! I have one in Black and it is sooo soft! Here I am wearinf Rabia Z's Famous Jersey Shelaya.....Talk about comfort to the MAX!

It was truly an honor being able to work with such an amazing designer such as Rabia Z. This is a SPECIAL occassion because Rabia Z told me herself that YazTheSpaz fans are the FIRST to be featured in a Giveaway with her brand. Below the pictures, you will find the Contest Rules! <3 Enjoy and Good Luck to all who enter!

Rabia Z Signature Gathered-Top Sheyla

Back View of the Gathered-Top Sheyla

Flower Accessories not included but can be added on your own :)
In Order to be the WINNER of this Stunning, one of a kind Hijab, you MUST follow these Rules:

1. Become a FAN of Rabia Z and YazTheSpaz89 :)
2. Be a SUBSCRIBER to my YouTube Channel :)
3. Post a picture of yourself with your favorite outfit on, along with your favorite YazTheSpaz Hijab Look. As a caption, You MUST state why this is your favorite look and what Hijab truly means to you! <3 :)

~*~*~*~DEADLINE: July 16, 2011~*~*~*~

***These pictures will be posted on my FaceBook Fan page and only ONE entry per person. Rabia Z and I will both be selecting the winner so dress to impress ladies!

Can't wait to hear and see your posts/responses! A video will be coming soon but I wanted my FACEBOOK, Twitter and Blogger Followers to be the first to FIND out!

Much LOVE, Yaz~