Friday, December 2, 2011

Rabia Z's Kansas City Spring/Summer 2012 Fashion Show Highlights!

Selams all! I first want to thank you all for your support and continuous love on all my pages including my blog. I haven't posted in a long time but iA ill be back posting more! This time around, I have amazing pictures to share with you all! I was recently invited to Kansas City to assist Rabia Z, a world-renounded designer based in Dubai, for a fashion show of her Spring/Summer 2012 line that took place on November 20th, 2011.

The best thing about attending this event was not only due to the friendships I've created, but mostly due to the 1-on-1 hands on learning experience I got to have with Rabia Z herself. The rush of a fashion show and the preperations is crazy....but its such a great feeling! I don't know if its my personal feeling or what but i kind of like it when the pressure is on :) From applying the makeup on the models, to fitting, assigning outfits and determining the order of the outfits so the models have enough time to change in between walkthroughs. Everyone that was involved definitely put their all in this show.

Being the "spot-light" model for the show was also honoring. Rabia is such a kind woman, full of energy and so willing to help when needed and more. This was no where near how big a Rabia Z fashion show could get, but who ever attended for sure got the special treatment and "private" show of a lifetime! iA I hope I will be able to work with Rabia in the future wether assisting her in fashion shows, designing a yaz hijab for her line, being the stylist for the models, or even being one of her models or more! <3

I will leave the judging up to you but the following pictures will blow your mind away! The fabrics are so feminine and flatering to any body shape mA! I'd like to take one of every outfit please!....Orders UP! :)

ENJOY THE PICTURES, SHARE, and COMMENT! Would love to know what you think! Don't forget to check out Rabia Z's Fan Page for more details and info on her line! You can also email her team @ if you have any questions on her products <3


PRE SHOW Highlights:

GIRLS Night Out :)
SO YUMMY! Red Velvet Cake!

Not NADOONA Approved! lol



The opening outfit to the Rabia Z Kansas City Fashion Show! LOVING this look!

One of the Jumpsuits I wore in her collection

Green Goddess!! <3

MAKEUP by YAZ for the SHOW 
(Mariam Saifan Photography)

Nadine with the new Rabia Z graphic tops!

YAZ and Nadoona Rockin' the Rabia Z Line



The Final Closing outfit! Definitly a SHOW STOPPER! mA!

Coming out with Rabia <3


Truly a great Designer

The girls after a successful SHOW!

Mariam Saifan Photography

Mariam Saifan Photography
Mariam Saifan Photography

Bug EYES hehe

The Gorgeous Rabia Z and I <3

The models with Rabia Z!


<3 Hold on to those you love and respect with both hands <3

Jodi, Sarah, and Nadoona!

Mommy and Rabia, THE AMAZING DUO!

<3 YAZ

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Monday, June 6, 2011

Famous Designer you've all been waiting for IS...???

Ok so I've totally delayed the exciting news about my FINAL giveaway from way back when it was my birthday month! As you all know I am currently in Turkey and things have been so interesting and different for me I had gotten carried away with what needs to be done. So finally I am here to say that the TIME HAS COME!!!

The Amazingly Talented Designer that was kind enough to share one of her exclusive hijab designs with my Viewers is..........Rabia Z! She has been featured on runways around the world and I found out about her amazing collections when she came down to Miami in 2010. If you have yet to see her work make sure to check out her Website and Face Book Fan Page!

Ok so since I haven't been able to make a video for the GiveAWAY just yet....I decided to give my FaceBook, Twitter and Blog viewers a head start!  The winner of the giveaway will recieve this GORGEOUS Rabia Z Signature Gathered-Top Sheyla in Light Grey! I have one in Black and it is sooo soft! Here I am wearinf Rabia Z's Famous Jersey Shelaya.....Talk about comfort to the MAX!

It was truly an honor being able to work with such an amazing designer such as Rabia Z. This is a SPECIAL occassion because Rabia Z told me herself that YazTheSpaz fans are the FIRST to be featured in a Giveaway with her brand. Below the pictures, you will find the Contest Rules! <3 Enjoy and Good Luck to all who enter!

Rabia Z Signature Gathered-Top Sheyla

Back View of the Gathered-Top Sheyla

Flower Accessories not included but can be added on your own :)
In Order to be the WINNER of this Stunning, one of a kind Hijab, you MUST follow these Rules:

1. Become a FAN of Rabia Z and YazTheSpaz89 :)
2. Be a SUBSCRIBER to my YouTube Channel :)
3. Post a picture of yourself with your favorite outfit on, along with your favorite YazTheSpaz Hijab Look. As a caption, You MUST state why this is your favorite look and what Hijab truly means to you! <3 :)

~*~*~*~DEADLINE: July 16, 2011~*~*~*~

***These pictures will be posted on my FaceBook Fan page and only ONE entry per person. Rabia Z and I will both be selecting the winner so dress to impress ladies!

Can't wait to hear and see your posts/responses! A video will be coming soon but I wanted my FACEBOOK, Twitter and Blogger Followers to be the first to FIND out!

Much LOVE, Yaz~

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Comfijab GIVEAWAY Contest Rules!

Why is it that every time I have Exams, I manage to find time to write a Blog post?! So much has been going on and so much is coming up! I have my amazing brother coming back from Medical School on Saturday, My LAST Final Exam is on Tuesday, My Graduation is on May 3rd, My Party is on May 7th, and Finally I'm leaving to TURKEY the Second week in May! Being away from my Family and Friends for 4 months is going to be Sad....But I'm looking forward to the amazing experience I will be having learning my Fathers language and Half my Culture :)  Not only that, but I have Giveaways going on...and Videos to do for you all! How Do I MANAGE it all? I have no IDEA haha But Allah swt and all your love, positive energy and support sure do help!

Well just in case you haven't heard....The second of the 3 giveaways I am doing for my Birthday month is going on NOW! All the entries are so Amazing so far so keep posting and letting me know which you all loves BEST! There will be three winners selected. Here are the Contest Rules:

***DEADLINE to ENTER: April 29, 2011 at 12 Midnight (US Eastern Time)*** 

Everything you need to know about the Comfijab is here:

And HERE is another Amazing video on it:

If your interested, order your own collection of comfijabs by simply sending an email to:

Follow Elif Kavakci on her BLOG

Find her on her FB Fan Page.

BUY this Amazing Hijab HERE:

As for my FINAL Giveaway.....You won't want to miss out....Still deciding on what the Rules will be....
Of Course!
I only give you all the Best of the Best! :)

***I was also part of an Islamic Fashion Show at NSU so I'll be posting pics as soon as the amazing SUPhotography Pics come out!

Good Luck to everyone on FINALS! Now Time for me to get Studying!

Much Luv, Yaz~

Friday, April 15, 2011

It's My 22nd Birthday!!!

Yes, it was my birthday on the 14th of April! I turned 22 and surprisingly.....feeling younger than ever! hehehe I got so many wonderful birthday wishes sent to me on both my Face Book Fan Page and my personal Face Book account. When reading some of the things posted on my truly humbled me. Knowing that I could be of some sort of influence to many young women out there just.....its just a BLESSING <3

What most people don't know is that although I know many people, I tend to stick to myself often because I prefer to have a handful of GREAT friends that I trust, instead of a bunch of people that don't really care about me even though they are still kind. My Besties Adri and Eman both surprised me with a cute balloon and sweets display with tons of Music playing in the house! In life, and mostly to me...its the thought that counts....not about how much or how big the things are. And this was truly something they did because they cared for me <3 Later on that night we all went to dinner and my mom, sister and Dania tagged along! 

Here are some pictures of my birthday night...Hope you enjoy them!

My real party will be after School is over so I can enjoy everything at once (Birthday/Graduation/Going away to Turkey)!!

Thank you all again for all the LOVE you shared with me!

Whoever asks me.....My sister is Older, but SMALLER than me! lol That's how life works! <3

You CAN'T have a Birthday without Yaz having a SPAZ moment! Chocolate Teeth is a Classic! <3
****AND if your interested in finding out where I got this FABULOUS Hijab from, please check out M.H. Hijabs & More for literally hijabs to die for. The Material is so soft and flowly and just so Feminine! Get their hijabs before they run out! Ill be posting Pics of the hijab on my Fan Page Soon <3

<3 YaZ~

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Birthday Month GIVEAWAYS!

So in honor of all the support I've gotten from everyone, I have decided to give back to you all with some amazing Giveaways! The first one consists of a $25 gift certificate from! They have amazing brushes of all shapes and sizes. The quality is one you will not find anywhere else. Below is the First GiveAway Video and Info.

Contest Rules:

1) Be a SUBSCRIBER to my YouTube Channel
2) Check out
3) LIKE my FanPage, to find out who the WINNER is...
4) Comment under the Video telling me which HIJAB Style of mine you LIKE the most and WHY?

*****DEADLINE is on my BIRTHDAY April 14, 2011*****

If you all are wondering where I got this BEAUTIFUL hijab from, then you MUST check out I will be posting pics on my Fan page of all the other FABULOUS hijabs I got from them!!

STAY posted on my next 2 Giveaways because these are ones you will not want to miss! Details coming soon!!

MUCH <3 Yaz

Sunday, March 6, 2011

“A girl should be two things: Classy and Fabulous.” --Coco Chanel

By Far one of my favorite Quotes of all time by Coco Chanel. I truly believe women should take care of themselves both inside and out. Women these days feel like there is no turning back, as if its too late to change. I say Yes You CAN! About a year ago, I was about 30 pounds heavier than I am today. I'm so happy to say that I have never felt any better about myself. Even though when I was heavier, I still felt beautiful and loved ALL of me, mostly because I knew my value as a person and I knew that I was able to bring smiles to all who came my way alhamdulillah. Now that I am more active socially, religiously and physically, No ONE can stop me. Here are a few pics of me before and the new and improved Yaz. Don't Ever let anyone tell you that you can't do it because they are WRONG. Everyday is a blessing and I think we should all cherish and take advantage of the time we have left on this earth, not only to please ourselves, but also to please the one and only ALLAH swt!

Yaz Before and After
Same Yaz, But at my heaviest weight...

You won't see me eating like that Now n Days

New and Improved Yaz <3

I felt so lovely and feminine in this flowey dress with Flower head accessory <3

“A girl should be two things: Classy and Fabulous.” --Coco Chanel

Don't Let anything Stop you from being ALL that YOU CAN BE

<3 Yaz~