Friday, April 15, 2011

It's My 22nd Birthday!!!

Yes, it was my birthday on the 14th of April! I turned 22 and surprisingly.....feeling younger than ever! hehehe I got so many wonderful birthday wishes sent to me on both my Face Book Fan Page and my personal Face Book account. When reading some of the things posted on my truly humbled me. Knowing that I could be of some sort of influence to many young women out there just.....its just a BLESSING <3

What most people don't know is that although I know many people, I tend to stick to myself often because I prefer to have a handful of GREAT friends that I trust, instead of a bunch of people that don't really care about me even though they are still kind. My Besties Adri and Eman both surprised me with a cute balloon and sweets display with tons of Music playing in the house! In life, and mostly to me...its the thought that counts....not about how much or how big the things are. And this was truly something they did because they cared for me <3 Later on that night we all went to dinner and my mom, sister and Dania tagged along! 

Here are some pictures of my birthday night...Hope you enjoy them!

My real party will be after School is over so I can enjoy everything at once (Birthday/Graduation/Going away to Turkey)!!

Thank you all again for all the LOVE you shared with me!

Whoever asks me.....My sister is Older, but SMALLER than me! lol That's how life works! <3

You CAN'T have a Birthday without Yaz having a SPAZ moment! Chocolate Teeth is a Classic! <3
****AND if your interested in finding out where I got this FABULOUS Hijab from, please check out M.H. Hijabs & More for literally hijabs to die for. The Material is so soft and flowly and just so Feminine! Get their hijabs before they run out! Ill be posting Pics of the hijab on my Fan Page Soon <3

<3 YaZ~


  1. mashallah nice pics :) Feliz Cumpleaños Yazzy!!

  2. Happy birthday Yasmine!!! Best of wishes incha'Allah
    <3 all the way from morocco :))

  3. mashalllah ¡¡ congratulations ¡¡ :)
    grettings for the spain :)

  4. looks like it was a fabuluos nite!
    Happy BIrthday Yaz! ;D

  5. Mashallah Feliz Cumpleaños! Te vez hermosa... you look beautiful Best of wishes..

  6. aww mashallah u r lookinh beautiful...n i just love ur dog shoo sweet....!!

  7. aww looks like you had a great time!

    & Happy Birthday Yaz (just in case you didn't see the one i tweeted you :) )


  8. mashallah u r lukin amazing :)
    luks like u had lots of fun :)

  9. mashallah girl, your blog is so colorful and full of energy!! i'm definetely following you :)
    happy birthday by the way!

  10. Happy birthday , u r so pretty darling ;)
    wish u more & more happy life & ask God to keep u ur friends 4ever

  11. happy birthday dear :)
    that Allah bless your life ^^

  12. u look very nice in all picz masha allah!!! Allah gives u the strength so tht u keep comin up with new ideas!!! Allah bless you!!! <3

  13. Happy Birthday Yaz.
    I have one question I'm a muslim too and I'm living in malaysia.
    Seriously you can touch dog??
    I'm just asking. ;)
    Btw,I love your video soooo muchh. ;D

  14. Happy Birthday, Yaz...
    I know you from youtube.
    I love love love your video.
    I'm Fitri Aulia from Indonesia.
    Kindly visit my blog

  15. Thank you all for the amazing Birthday Wishes! Means so much to me! <3 you all!

  16. u're beautiful dear, all ure pictures are damn nice. however, im confused too.we cant touch a doggy eventhough its puffy n cute rite?
    anyway, keep up wif ure effort in spreading beauty tips for hijabi :D