Thursday, January 13, 2011

The "Comfijab" by Elif Kavakci

Everything you need to know about the comfijab is here! Go check it out and get your own as well <3


  1. YAY!! I subscribe to that blog. Anyways one thing that bothers me about is that it has pretty much been under construction forever now!! I still love her blog though. I have a strange shaped head oval, and bigger chubby cheeks I am so scared to see how much large my cheeks would look with a comfijab...

  2. We're working on the website! We might have to just omit the under construction pages for a while :-)
    Thanks for following the blog!
    Comfijab looks great on everyone. If you have a more round face, I'd suggest using it with a long pashmina, to elongate the face and make it look skinnier. It works on me! Everytime I wear it with a long pashmina I get the same comment "did you loose wait!" I love that feeling.
    Thanks Fatima for your comment, and thank you lovely YAZTHESPAZ for spazzing up the comfijab lol

  3. lol I meant "did you loose weight" not "wait"

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  5. hi yaz.. Jas here from Phil :)
    thanks for your tutorials coz' I've learned a lot of style in wearing a hijab and yet how to put some gorgeous make-ups that fits in every style of hijab :)
    When I started viewing your tutorials on youtube, I was inspired to wear Hijab :)
    I'am a big fan of yours :)