Tuesday, February 22, 2011

JannahGifts Hijabs are Fab!

So if you have all been wondering where I got that ravishing Pink Panther Hijab or Red Pashmina you can check out the following website www.JannahGifts.com which is where I got them from :) Enjoy these pictures I took with them on and even learn how I did them! iA I will be posting the Tutorial for the Pink Panther Hijab soon as it has been highly requested!

Rocking the Red Pashmina at the Protest for Egyptian Solidatiry a couple weeks back :)

CLICK HERE to watch the tutorial of how to wrap the RED Pashmina Hijab like the pictures above :)
Before I decided on the Final Look

The FINAL Look :)


  1. omg i love your makeup in the last two pictures! and i love you hijab style in them too <3

  2. Love this look. The pink and gold hijab is gorgeous! and the Red hijab is beautiful color on you.

  3. I will be getting the pink panther hijab for SURE.....insha Allah will see you this weekend :)

  4. wow beautiful hijjab with lovely bow...:)