Saturday, November 20, 2010

Turkish Festival!!

At the Turkish Festival with Noor and Dania, who just became Muslim Alhamdulillah!
 Today was a great day I must say. Starting off with the Turkish Festival during the day, then ending the night with an Eid Banquet hosted by the Pakistani Student Association :) I must say though that out of all the dancing I saw today. The Indian dance has to be the most exciting to watch. Just soo full of energy and you can just feel the happiness and positive energy from it. The turkish dances were just as nice but toned a notch down where they just shimmied a lot :P Anyways over all this was a successful day.

Oh and just as a side was quite sad to have these 2 people come up to my mother and asking her why she wears her hijab. Seriously some of these Turkish people are so confused and brainwashed. One guy had the nerve to tell my mom that I would look better without the hijab...What does he care?? Anyways Ive found that there are extreme religious/very liberal muslims in every most contries...I just wish they wouldnt mix culture with religion....Good night all!


  1. u look amazing sweetheart .. and these ppl will just make our believes and faith more stronger .. may allah protect u <3

  2. you look gorgeous, congratulations to ur friend Dania alhamdulilah thats wonderful news :) oh and that dude sounds like a looser