Wednesday, November 24, 2010

would you ever marry outside of your culture (assuming that the guy's muslim of course) or do you have any specific cultural preferences? what about your family? btw i really enjoy your videos :D youre beautiful!

Thank you glad you enjoy them :) It doesnt matter where they are from as long as they are good Muslims primarily lol

Ask me anything, but lets keep it clean ;)

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  1. I would marry outside my culture. I am hispanic and was raised as a catholic. But 2yrs ago I converted to Islam because I stared reading about it and I also said I would raised my daughter a muslim. Her dad is from Iraq and he is a muslim. But we are not married. Has a wife (first cousin) they have been married for some time now,and she still doesn't know of me. Its very hard for me but I ask Allah to help me and give me strength everyday. Inshallah I pray for things to get better.