Friday, December 3, 2010

House Music Favorites!

Don't Let Go, Don't Run Away Love, I still feel you are my PASSION <3

Ok so just recently did I begin to loveeee House Music. I used to hatee the beat of the music but ive discovered some songs that are very nice. Id love to know what you all think? Love it/Nice/Annoying/Interesting/Hate it? Here are a few of my favorites!  


  1. Hi Yasemin ,I've discovered you're channel when Salluf made that video with you and when I saw on you're blog that you like house music ..wooow.
    2 of that songs are romanian..I thought you would also like this house songs :

    Alexandra Stan-Mr saxobeat
    Radio Killer-Lonely heart
    Peter Luts-The rain
    Dj Sava & Raluk-Love you
    Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina - Stereo Love
    Vibers feat Connect'r -Free your mind
    Akcent - That's My Name
    and check out INNA

  2. Salammmo alaikom Yasemin !! I'm abdelhamid from France. I'm so proud and happy to see a muslim like u helping girls and improving image of hijab in the world. God bless you continu....

    ps: House Music is fantaaastic i really like it !!
    thank you again ;)